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  1. Glenn DeMots says:

    This book is a remarkable combination of the telling of a compelling attempt by a relatively small group of committed individuals to make a long term, positive difference in Haiti, the very personal impact that this effort had on the authors and some significant strategic and spiritual lessons and principles that were learned from this experience. The lessons learned apply not only to Haiti and working cross culturally anywhere, but many of them apply to our relationships in our everyday lives. Ted and Jan Boers are to be commended for their courage in sharing both the highs and lows of their Haiti experience and doing so in a very honest and open way. I will continue to use this book as a spiritual and “reality check” reference point

  2. Demons of Poverty is an honest look at poverty and the underlying issues. It is also a very personal experience at dealing with these issues. Thank you to the authors for allowing themselves to be vulnerable, so that others can get a picture of the spiritual battle that is going on. I am personally appreciative of their efforts as I begin a journey to Haiti myself. This book will undoubtedly continue to be a reference for me.
    In the book, Mr. Boers makes mention of two separate authors who, without a religious agenda, recognize either the positive influence of Christianity on economies, or the negative impact of a lack of morals. It reminds me of something else I’ve recently read by John Piper. In the opening line for his book, “Let the Nations be Glad!” he writes, “Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t… Worship, therefore, is the fuel and goal in missions.” I appreciated the honest look Mr. Boers took at the motivation for his business endeavors in Haiti and the realization that God needs to be at the forefront and the focus of any efforts there.

  3. Mike Tigchelaar says:

    This book is a must read for all charitable organizations working in majority countries. Just about every one that attempts to bring aid has the refrain “If I had known now before I started, I would have done it differently”. This is no longer an easy out once you have digested the excellent, practical advice and questions to consider BEFORE going out in the field. Thank you Ted and Jan for providing a road map even though at great personal expense.

  4. Mark Friend says:

    Thank you very much Ted, and Tim. After 35 years of pastoring, traveling to several different countries, and spending endless hours of working with many individuals and cultures, this book has answered questions which have troubled me for decades. It was recommend by a mutual friend of Ted and mine. It was recommended in response to my question, “Are we making a difference?” Jan, thank you very very much. Your openness and insight has helped me understand the challenges of my wife. We have been married for 34 years. Thank you for the lifeline

  5. Wow, I just finished reading the second time (April 2019) First time reading was June 2012, when a friend JL Gideon suggested I get it and read. I highly recommend any one in Missions and especially working in Haiti read it closely!
    I can relate so much to the events and the struggles, the attacks of the evil one and the Haitian Culture. My struggles in trying to do a Haitian Project that God clearly “Called” me to help create a small Kingdom Microenterprise Business Community with it being controlled my the Haitian people, not Government but “Community “! 2010 worked in Disaster Relief bringing 35-50 million dollor’s of Relief Supplies along with the Vehicles through the maze of corruption of the Customs and Ministry of Finance. I was just a vessel and servant working at the Port in PaP guarding and trying to get relief supplies to the needed areas. Corruption and Evil everywhere, my life in jeopardy but God placed a love and Passion to help create jobs and help the people come out of their Culture of Poverty. Much to tell but God Used a 8-9 years boy who was literally a child slave in need of being rescued (in Creole “Delivred” is Rescue) to use as the tool in June of 2010 to be the “Hook” in my jaw to keep me on task to never give up! That child was placed in my care, as his legal guardian by a Judge in Cabaret in June 2010. Had no name, no hope, no mommy, tied to a chain to keep the animals from wondering off. But God allowed his path to cross mine and today he will be our compound manager for the the first phase of our “Community Project” Called Haiti First and second phase is Haiti Business Community completely owned and operated on 20 arcs Church Campus being served a group of Community Leaders with an approved Haitian Organization. 2012 this book helped me and I have had at least two times the same “Serpent “ (your wife’s Jan noted on pages 130-131) type event happen to me in 2013 and in 2016. In both events it was dealing with the Ministry whom I felt was the “Partner “ but God clearly gave a flashing detour sign. In 2013, Cancer, 2014 treatments, but it was all part of God’s Calling and Leading! Always, back to that little boy with no name who God put directly in my path and who remains in Haiti as the tool for the Objectives/Vision God has given myself but more so to a Group of Community Leaders. Much like Nehemiah rebuilding the walls and given the assignment, this small but God ordained Project continues with my involvement as it’s Director of Development, owning no land but allowing it to meet the needs of a Community which could spread to others as God directs.
    Demons of Poverty is a must read and I highly recommend it and please share with others! Glad I now just finished reading it again, thanks to you both!
    Jan, your comments and insights and structure are the same my wife has and still struggles with, thanks to you for sharing!

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